Harley’s seven day runaway

From Lost Dog Recovery UK South…

SAFE- HARLEY, a Romanian rescue escaped from his home on 27th February, the first sighting was 1.5 miles from home, so posters were quickly put up in surrounding villages, but it was hoped Harley would make his way back home to his German Shepherd friend Carrie. Subsequent sightings indicated he was getting close to home, but unfortunatetly ‘well meaning’ people caused him to move away from home to the other side of a rail line that worryingly was easily accessable at several points. Remote monitoring cameras were put up at access points to the rail line and food dumps put out in nearby fields in an effort to get him to settle and hopefully respond to his owner and Carrie or facilitate trapping. A thermal camera was left with helpers to assist with monitoring after dark. Harley’s owner and Carrie continued to walk the route to and fro home. On 4th March Harley was sighted just opposite his home but when disturbed by the sighter’s car ran towards the village – food trails were again laid and the house, garden and shed left open with his bed in – this time it worked! In the morning Harley was asleep in his bed in the shed <3. After 7 days he finally made it back home.

Huge thanks to Salli and Jen from DogLost who spent hours postering and monitoring the area with a scope and maintaining food stations, to volunteers from Walk This Way Rescue, to Michael from Drone SAR who came out and flew his drone, and to the local helpers and residents of Waltham St Lawrence for access to their land.

Harley’s DL Timeline

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