Happy Christmas from Luci.

Kent co-ordinator Luci ( screen name BB451) And her dogs Archie,Buddy, Barnie and Alberts send the sesons greetings and have kindly posed in the Christmas spirit…


  1. Helen Jermy 11 months ago

    Happy Christmas to you Luci and your gorgeous dogs x

  2. Jan - Majorjet NW 11 months ago

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Luci. Lovely pics. ❤️

  3. BB451 11 months ago

    Thank you both <3

    There would have been slightly more interesting photos if Archie hadn't eaten the elf boots I got them… xx

  4. Jayne
    Jayne 11 months ago

    Ha ha ha naughty Archie! …Which one is Archie?

  5. BB451 11 months ago

    Archie Jazzands D’Feeff is the blonde one *giggles* he’s the showman of the family. Even if he’s chasing his brother, when the camera comes out, he still manages to pause to grin at the camera! xx

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