Happy Christmas from Gina

Gina ( screen name Poochpal) wishes her SW team a happy Christmas…and everyone else.

Gosh Gina what incentive did you hold up to get that shot?

Update…photo from Gina of one trying to jump for the treat…


  1. Lisa Ann West 4 weeks ago

    Happy Christmas Gina! (Poochpal)
    Sending lots of love from your little Friend Lisa. x

  2. Jayne
    Jayne 4 weeks ago

    Happy Christmas to you LisaW!

  3. Poochpal 4 weeks ago

    Happy Christmas to everyone, and a big thank you to our fantastic South West volunteers for all their support.
    Jayne, it was just treats held high, took quite a few to get them all to stay sat though, we have a few of Pablo leaping up to try to grab them. 🙄

  4. Janice Wiggin 4 weeks ago

    Merry Christmas everyone ! Thanks for all you do to support us in the SW Gina x

  5. Gillian 4 weeks ago

    Happy Christmas Gina and pooches x

  6. BB451 4 weeks ago

    I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas and I’m wishing you an amazing New Year! xx

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