Hamak’s reunion story.

Where do I start? Amazing work by  Helper Katie ( screen name  KatieF-Area Volunteer, Somerset.) Maxine, Heather et al…

Please read the comments on his page which describe the original search. Due to Data Protection the new owners details could not be accessed. Both lost and found registrations were moved to unknown away from the public eye while co ordinators continued to advise Catherine to ask the dog warden who had collected him to pass a letter to the new owner explaining the circumstances and also to contact a solicitor specialising in dog law for advice.
As the lost and found pages were no longer visible to the public in stepped a group of people including Maxine Hird, Heather Golding, too many to mention  including DogLost volunteer, KatieF.
Last week Katie in her own words went on a Google mission and came across a match for Hamak along with contact details for the new owner’s daughter in law who confirmed that if there was an owner still searching then he would like to give them the chance to be reunited.
Arrangements were made, Katie collected Catherine and they drove to Norfolk where the reunion took place before bringing Catherine and Hamak back to Somerset for the night to make travel arrangements back to France.
It is bittersweet, there is now a family in Norfolk who have lost the dog they dearly loved but what an excited boy Hamak was when he recognised his mum.

Thank you to all who helped but very special thanks to Trevor and his family for making Catherine’s dream come true.

The video can be seen on the  Facebook group  HAMAK IS GOING HOME #hamak

Photo of Katie with Hamak in Somerset.


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    Poochpal 3 years ago

    Catherine and Hamak need a lift across the channel to get home. Dogs have to travel in a vehicle on the ferries, Catherine’s car was stolen in London while she was here searching for Hamak.
    If any one is traveling to France and willing to share their car with them please contact Katie via DogLost admin.

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    Poochpal 3 years ago

    Now on the ferry to France. Post from KatyF who is driving them home at last:

    You have a very special passenger on the Portsmouth to Caen morning ferry ⛴ today.
    Hamak is a Brittany Spaniel who was lost in London last September. His owner Catherine Pavy has been in England refusing to leave until he was reunited. Last Monday saw him recognised by a volunteer for Doglost/ harveys Army and the new adoptive owner kindly and selflessly give back Catherine’s Dog -after Warden authorities didn’t bother to check the foreign data base and notify Catherine he was found. And subsequently rehomed him through rescue changing his microchip details to the uk database 😡😢
    He was looked after extremely well by a Norfolk family who she is extremely grateful to.
    Today transport was arranged for him to return home to France. A joyous occasion and very heartfelt story, I’m sure you will all agree. This is his page support by volunteers who helped Catherine to never give up.

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