Greedy puppy sent alarms ringing after swallowing meditation ball including a bell

A greedy puppy sent alarms ringing after swallowing a Chinese meditation ball which contained a bell.

Nyxie the Labrador was rushed to the vets after her owners heard a muffled jangling sound coming from her when she bounded into the room.

Stunned vets in Bletchingley, Surrey, were forced to carry out a two-hour procedure to remove the 4cm meditation ball without the need for surgery.

Vet Laura Macfarlane, of North Downs Specialist Referrals, said: “It was one of the most unusual cases of her career.

“We have dealt with all sorts of things that dogs have eaten or chewed but the fact the owners heard, rather than saw, the dog’s problem was the most amusing part.

“Although the ball had gone missing, Nyxie had seemed completely normal and happy in herself, so the family just kept an eye on her at home.

An x-ray found a ball inside her (Image: Newsline PR / SWNS.COM)

“Then, after a while, particularly when they held her up, they could hear the bell ring.

“X-rays from the referring vet showed a bright, circular object in Nyxie’s stomach, compatible with her having swallowed a ball.

“So, on arrival with us we performed an endoscopy, sending a tiny video camera down into her stomach to investigate.

“This confirmed the ball was present in the stomach and, using a combination of the scope and a retrieval device, we were able to remove it without the need for surgery.

“Nyxie recovered really well and was back home later the same day. The big positive was that she’s a young dog and had been completely unaffected, apart from a slight jingling.

Vets removed the object in a two-hour operation (Image: Newsline PR / SWNS.COM)

“However, problems could have arisen if the ball had been left in the stomach, particularly if it started to move into the intestine, as this could have caused a complete blockage and potentially major problems, so the procedure to remove it was required as soon as possible.”

Nyxie’s owner Jo Paterson, 40, took the ten-month-old dog to the vets after hearing jangling coming from the playful pup earlier this month.

Jo, of East Grinstead in Surrey, said: “We’d lost a Chinese-style meditation ball with a bell in the middle and had been looking for it for days, wondering where it could be.

The ball could have caused Nyxie serious issues if it moved into her intestine (Image: Newsline PR / SWNS.COM)

“Here was our answer loud and clear. Mystery solved – Nyxie had snaffled it and swallowed it.

“There were mixed emotions. On the one hand, it was quite funny hearing the bell ringing inside her but we also realised we needed to take her to vets to have it removed as soon as possible.

“I knew if it got stuck in her intestine then Nyxie could have been in serious trouble, so thank goodness the jingling bell raised the alarm, especially as she’d been acting completely normally.

“She was just as playful and mischievous.

“She wasn’t in pain, she wasn’t retching or vomiting, she was eating well and going to the toilet just the same as always.

“We’ve now got an amusing, if slightly embarrassing, story to tell about the whole thing but it does come with a warning, too, and we’d urge all dog lovers to be very careful about what their pets can reach.

“We speak from experience. Never has a meditation ball caused so much stress.”

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