Golden Retriever, Finley breaks world record for most tennis balls in mouth

A golden retriever who broke the world record for ramming tennis balls in his mouth has cruelly seen his great efforts written off as ‘not an official achievement’.

Despite proof of his world-record skill on Instagram, the strict paperwork rules put in place by the people at the Guinness World Records implies he hasn’t yet met the terms to have it formally recognised.

So we’re going to do it instead. Here is Finley. He is six years old. He can carry six tennis balls in his doggo mouth, higher than any dog has ever done, and we want you to know that, in our eyes, despite the haters, he is the final champion of the world.

The ‘official’ world record is held by another golden retriever named Augie, who managed five in 2003.

Although we in no way wish to depreciate the unbelievable feat which Augie achieved, we do have to acknowledge that six is a bigger figure than five.

When they are all in place, his cheeks are pulled wide like a hamster, often with only a single tooth holding them in place and stopping them from falling out.

When he’s got them all, he wags his tail furiously to make sure you’re paying attention.

It all started when he would try to gather as many tennis balls in the back garden as he could, quickly learning to nab five before increasing to six.

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