Gizmo and Lady in the local paper.

Gizmo and Lady is a case of ” theft by finding”  – passed to fosterer who claimed she would keep the dogs safe until owner came forward.

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“A SOUTHPORT dog owner is appealing for help in tracing her two terriers who went missing as she mourned the loss of her brother.
Katherine Mooney, 25, who lives in Banks, had asked a friend to take care of her two dogs, Lady and Gizmo, so she could attend a blessing at her brother’s grave in Ireland.
The brother and sister were being kept at a riding stables but a gate was left open and they ran out on March 20th and have been missing since and Katherine is desperate to find them.
She said: “I’m absolutely heartbroken. I was in Ireland at a memorial service for my brother Felix who was killed in a car accident.
“The dogs were being cared for at the stables and ran off when the gate was open. It was an accident and I just want to find them.
“They’re only young dogs, they’re a year old and their mum Pebble was my brother’s dog, so there is so much emotional connection between us.”
After the dogs escaped, Katherine says they were picked up by a lady in a car who took them home and posted on Facebook that she had found them and appealed for their owner to come forward.
Katherine says she was contacted by another woman who said she wanted to foster the dogs and she unwittingly handed them over.
The dogs have been reported missing to Lancashire Police and put on the website, where owners and volunteers try to locate pets.
Katherine said: “I’m so desperate to find them. They are my world. I hand reared them as puppies and I’m absolutely heartbroken.
“The woman who took them rang the DogLost helpline anonymously to say they were safe, but they’re my dogs and she had no right to take them.”
Dog thefts in Lancashire have risen by 80 per cent in the last two years and Jan Lancashire, DogLost regional co-ordinator who is working with Katherine to find the dogs has urged anyone with information to contact them.
She said: “We hope they are still in this area. The owner is devastated and frantic with worry about them and just wants them safely returned.
“If anyone has seen these two young dogs they can contact us via the website. We would urge anyone who finds a dog to be aware it is a legal requirement to report it to the council or dog warden so they can be collected.”

To contact DogLost to report a sighting of these dogs, visit
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