Ghost’s tragic story featured in the Daily Mail.

A dog owner says she is ‘devastated’ after her five month old labradoodle was found dead after going missing from a dog day care centre.

Andrea Pothier’s puppy Ghost was discovered lying at the side of a busy road, just yards from the company’s enclosure.

Some 100 people had joined in the hunt for the dog and spent 10 days around the City Paws Club site near Chessington, Greater London.

But despite the extensive search, and a social media campaign that won support from around the world, Ghost’s body was spotted by a motorist on the A3.

Andrea Pothier with her five and a half month old labradoodle Ghost

Andrea Pothier with Ghost

Ms Pothier, 36, of Fulham, south London, told Mailonline that she is now seeking to take legal action against the company.

She said: ‘I was completely and utterly devastated.

‘It was really emotional. Someone else lost my dog and for 10 days I was devoting myself to finding him. For it to end like that was heartbreaking.

‘I think for a while, I have been too upset to be angry, Now I am angry.

‘We had 100 people helping with the search, I have 2000 messages of condolences on his page from all over the world. Everyone is angry and upset.

‘It is completely unforgivable. He was like my child.’

Andrea and her partner Ivor O’Toole, 45, left Ghost with City Paws Club for a trial day on March 6.

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    Ann 3 years ago

    I totally agree with Andrea – someone who you believe you can trust to leave your dog with has been negligent in that duty of care. Steps need to be taken to see what procedures they have in place to make sure dogs are kept secure at all times – the company should know that some dogs may have a tendency to run off but that is no excuse as they have a duty of care to the owner – trackers could be fitted to dogs which may be able to alert them to trace the dog to stop it getting into danger.

    Andrea so sorry to read about this in the papers and on this site.

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