Fudge’s welcome home party.

Fudge was on a walk in Finseshades Wood, Corby in late May when she bolted.  Over the course of the next few days volunteers scoured the area but there was no sign of Fudge.  A lovely lady Isobel heard of Fudge’s plight & came across to the woods with her tracker dog Fin & they quickly identified recent scent around the picnic tables in the wood, indicating that Fudge was likely visiting this area in the hope of finding scrap food.  The following morning, staff at the café spotted Fudge in this area & quickly alerted Fudge’s family & kept her occupied with sausages until the family arrived & being patient, giving Fudge the chance to realise she had found her family, they soon had her safely on a lead!


Fudge’s family had set up a Facebook group to help in the search for Fudge during her 4 day adventure, this is now renamed Fudge’s Friends.  Once Fudge had fully rested from her adventure, her family kindly organised a party & invited everyone who had helped to meet Fudge in person, they also kindly organised a collection & have raised £230 which has been donated to Doglost with some Friends of Fudge also sending donations directly

Here is Fudge enjoying her party whilst her friends enjoyed cake!



Thank you to everyone who helped find Fudge and also to everyone who has donated, bringing much needed funds which helps our founder Jayne maintain her commitment of keeping Doglost free for owners


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 2 years ago

    That is amazingly kind of you Fudge’s owners…the next 23 dogs back will be because of your generous donation.

  2. Avatar
    Mandy Murphy 2 years ago

    So happy to know that we have helped so many dogs being returned to their owners. Its heartbreaking and would not wish losing a pet on anyone.

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