From Barking to HounDslow: The finest dogs of the London Underground, and how to travel safely on Tube with your pet

From Miniature Schnauzers to poodles, adorable images show Londoners bringing their dogs on the Tube.

Dog owners have been sharing the best images of their beloved pets on the London Underground to social media.

Their pets have been seen on all Tube lines from the Overground to the District Line.

It comes as Valerie McCallum, owner of the Belly Rub Club says that “getting a dog is not just for people in the country” because “London is dog friendly”.

But Ms McCallum told the Standard that when acclimatising puppies to the Underground, it’s important “to bring treats and travel at a quieter time”.

For those dogs that are more nervous and reactive she said the London Underground “might not be the best mode of transport”.

She added: “There are rules you need to abide by such as carrying a dog on the escalator.

“If you’ve got a larger dog that can’t be carried, station staff can help you by stopping the escalator or you may be able to take a lift.”

London Underground Conditions of Carriage

  • Dogs must be kept under control, so either on a lead or in a suitable container and they cannot use seats.
  • Staff also can’t take charge of an animal – if someone has several dogs and needs help, for example.
  • Pet owners should use stairs or lifts and if there are only escalators, to hold the animal down escalators.
  • If the statio isn’t busy, the customer can ask staff to stop the escalator so that the dog can use it safely.
  • Although some animals have been pictured on seats, McMcCallum said that “dogs on seats were an absolute no no on all modes of public transport” and reminded owners that it is a “privilege to be able to ride the underground with your dog”.

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