Foxy found by local helpers.

Well done Shelagh Savage and Sara…this is Shelagh’s account…

We were alerted to missing foxy on Sunday. She and her sister Kim had been recently adopted by a truly wonderful man Ken. He couldn’t bear to split sisters up so took both home. They are both 11.We had a sighting in woodford and went to canvass area, leaving food water and putting up Doglost posters. No further sighting come in, as foxy was exhausted travelling a few miles day b4.The following day Foxy was seen outside a house which is next door to Sara. Who not only is on my Find n seek search group but who had been searching for foxy with myself and Leigh smith. We searched, baited area and staked out till early hours but other than fleeting glimpse , nothing. Yesterday I went to location which we worked out was in woods opposite Sara’s house alongside main road. I baited area with food walked through several times and waited. Foxy did appear onto path I was on but was scared off by off lead dogs.just as I had decided to leave for few hours, a frantic foxy run into clearing looking all around. I swear she knew I was leaving and wanted me to help her. So I did. I went to her area, and saw her in distance, saw there was large trees and bushes for her to hide and get away if she felt threatened. I got food out and she watched me. Tossed some too her which she took. There was bit of her avoiding me for a short time, coming and going. Then I called her and she started coming toward me. Pile of food in front of me ,when she come managed to get her harness. Foxy adventure was over. Owner was so grateful and happy to have his girls back together again,He did so much to find her, even bringing her sister Kim to track for us. Over the moon for them all. Now there new life can begin ❤💕💙

Photo of Shelagh with Foxy

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