So last night my life changed for the better So where do I start, well I guess at the beginning would be best.

8 years ago I lost something that was very important to me and my family. I lost my 2 dogs. My partner let the dogs out in the morning for the toilet and the dogs accidentally slipped out my garden and ran away. After about a hour of driving around my area we couldn’t find them anywhere but then we got a lead that they were on the farm ground on muttonhole rd Hamilton. We rushed to the farm area where we came across a bunch of farmers all standing around with their guns.
I enquired if they had seen my dogs. One of the farmers told me that they are on the fields and the farmer is off to shot them!
So I went to go on to the field and the farmer said to me that if I went on the farmers ground that they would phone the police. My response was “go f*#@ yourself these are my dogs” so I went on the field!
I heard in the background one of the farmers on the phone to the police but it didn’t stop me trying to retrieve my dogs.
What came next was the most heart wrenching sound you don’t ever want to hear in your life’BANG BANG ‘ the sound of a gun going off.
So in a panic I ran towards where the sound came from. After a couple of minutes of running over a field with shit up to my knees the farmers appeared with a crude smile on their face. I stopped and asked them if they saw my dogs and got a reply of ‘I shot them!’ So with rage in my face and anger in my voice I demand to know where they where just to be told one of them is lying over there and the other ran off.
So I walked back to my car to be confronted by our favourite boys in blue still with anger in my voice I told the police that they didn’t have the right to shoot my dogs but the police agreed with the farmers and ask the farmer to bring my dead dog to me. The farmers agreed and retrieved my dog. So I took Kohnan to the vet to dispose of his body and the search continued for Kavick.
Later that day the police attended my house and advised me that I had to stay away from the farm grounds and stay away from the farmers. So this is the point that the police took the law into their own hands and decided that they would try and be a smart arse. Clearly they didn’t know me.
I argued my point and stated to Pc plod and pc numb nuts that the law clearly states that driving a vehicle on a public road is not a offence and there is nothing you can do about it as I have a real genuine reason for travelling on that road and also that in Scotland there isn’t a trespassing law but that wasn’t good enough for them and told me that my other dog was dead and I should give up , I ask them how do they know that and received as response that I will never forget “ I just know “ I ask how do you know have you seen the body and if so where is it, I received no reply and they charged me with worrying sheep which means that under bail conditions I couldn’t go near the witness (the farmers and there grounds)
So now I have lost a dog and one is wounded and am charged with worrying sheep (RAGING) and can’t get on to the fields where he was last seen.
I continue my search in other areas to no avail. So we took to social media and contact and and started my search over the internet and again to no avail.
After a couple of week PC came to my door and handed me a citation to attended court. We attended Hamilton sheriff court on more than one occasion and I took the case to trial knowing fine well that this case will never be heard because PC numb nuts charged the wrong person with letting the dogs out and there crown witness was my partner and she was about to walk into the court room and tell the judge that it was her that let the dogs out and not me. With a very quick retreat the PF noticed this and dropped the case before the sheriff hear the case and only think that the PF would have got his balls booted for it as they charged the wrong person.
So with the court case out the way the search continue for the other dog but days turn into week and weeks turned into months and months turned years.
TBH we gave up as maybe just maybe pc was right. I was so wrong so very wrong.

8 years later YES 8 years later I received a message from Louise at that there may have been a possible sighting in Birmingham thats right 300 miles away and 8 years later, so to say doubt was in my head but sure enough the dog looked exactly like Kavick but very malnourished and looking very sorry for himself. All last night I was looking at the picture and ones I still had, calling everybody I could but I had to wait until this morning to speak to #birminghamdoghome so this morning at 9 o’clock I called them and ask for them to send me some pictures and what do you know it’s KAVICK . Like a speeding bullet England here I come after a 4 hour drive (and for the Karen’s we arrange a social distancing meeting this afternoon and confirmed it was KAVICK.
They say that a Christmas miracle doesn’t exist well for me and my family it just did.
I would like to thank everybody involved with the SAFE, ALIVE return of Kavick without the people involved this is a story that would have been left with my dog running around Birmingham and a family on the understanding that both their dogs would have been shot and killed at the hands of a farmer.
But this story will continue with action against Strathclyde police and the other associates.

(Above from owner Stevie via Facebook)

Kavick’s DogLost timeline:
(Photo is when he went missing from Lanarkshire, Scotland in 2012)

Post from Birmingham City Council Facebook page:
(Photo is as found as stray in Birmingham area)

Kavick back with his loving family:


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