First aid courses for dogs.

The Canine First Aid Company Ltd has been successfully running for five years but this has been the strangest year ever (dire actually) and like so many others there is seemingly a light at the end of the tunnel.  We are back and offering our courses from July onwards. 

We had two courses before lockdown – Successful Completion Certificate for the dog owner and a formal CPD Standards Accreditation – we were the first to offer an Emergency Canine First Aid Accredited Course in the UK.  We have worked during lockdown with iPET Network to build iPET Network qualifications – the first proper qualifications in canine first aid ever!! There is the one day iPET Level 3 Canine Emergency First Aid qualification and there is the two day Level 4 iPET Network Canine Emergency First Aid in the Workplace qualification. These are the only two canine first aid courses regulated and listed by Ofqual as qualifications.

Our courses have trained dog lovers and dog professionals in canine first aid – Duty of Care to our dogs – whether it be our own beloved dogs or those who run dog businesses and care for dogs. DEFRA introduced rules and regulations that state that a canine first aid qualification is required in order for dog businesses to run with a license.  Canine First Aid is all about knowing what to do in the case of a canine emergency situation – and also about what NOT to do.  We teach everything you need to save your dog from – CPR to shock position, from recovery position to bleeds, poisons, heatstroke,  – and so very much more (see our website for course contents) .  If you would like any information or to discuss attending a course – or maybe running a course for your team/colleagues then please contact me directly – Melanie (Director)  07810 283676.w

Hope this is a great start to info on canine first aid support.


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