A great example of how local groups can work together.

On the 17th of December Sam Henry (Jonathan Howarth from Doglost) received a phone call from a friend saying that an overseas dog had escaped from a temporary home after four days of being in the UK.

Jonathan contacted the family giving advice and scenting instructions to help keep Finn in the area, the family were unsure that this would work. 
Realising that Finn was going to be extremely frightened and would avoid his owner and family at all costs Jonathan set a chat group up, this boy was going to need trapping! 

Jonathan contacted Mandy Butler from The lost dog trapping team who immediately offered her help. 

Jonathan headed over to Baxenden dropping everything to set up a ring camera and feeding station to help keep him in the area and provide live feedback if he was still in the area whilst providing support for the family. 
Michelle Newns-Peers (Greater Manchester Lost Dog Search & Capture team) Pat Willis and Linda Tipping (Harvey’s Army North) were added to the chat.  A postering campaign and Facebook page was setup. sightings were coming in ….I must thank Jeanne Donovan for her help postering the area, your a star.

Traps were placed but unfortunately on the first night a camera was stolen, so a new location had to be found. Over the next 11days there was sightings of Finn. For some reason after an initial sighting at Finn’s home he didn’t there was something blocking his return, he was keeping to the opposite side of a busy main road. Finally on day 11 pictures of Finn were captured on a trail cam that had been placed by Pat Willis, the trap was placed there and on day 12 Finn decided at 12.00 am to give himself up and was successfully trapped.

A massive thank you to everyone involved Mandy Butler, Michelle Newns-Peers, Pat Willis, Linda Tipping and last but definitely not least Jeanne Donovan. Excellent team work.

From Michelle:

Finn who is a rescue dog from Spain came to the UK 4 days before he escaped on the 17th December. Throughout Christmas we have been working on trapping Finn and he went into the trap at 12am last night and is now safely home with his mum. The ‘supertrap’ was used to get Finn home as it was unlikely that he would go into a normal trap because of his history. Thanks to you wonderful people with your donations to purchase this trap, another dog is safely home. There were several teams involved in securing Finn and it’s been a pleasure working with them. Thank you to Linda Tipping, Pat Willis, Jonathan Howarth and Mandy Butler. Also thank you to Jeanne Donavan for postering. I would like to make a special mention to Pat Willis who placed the trail camera and feed station which Finn managed to find which then led on to trapping him.

Unfortunately Pat had a trail camera stolen which was put up for Finn and she had another one stolen a few weeks ago while securing another lost dog.

If you would like to donate to help us with these lost dogs please donate via this link:

You can find Finn’s DogLost timeline here:


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