Find laughing scumbag who threw scared dog over a cliff into the sea

A manhunt is underway for cruel thugs who threw a terrified dog over the edge of a cliff into the sea. Police in Falmouth, Cornwall, said they were looking into the case to see if anyone could identify the person, or people, behind the sickening act. Footage shows the terrified dog – believed to be a spaniel – being thrown into the water while the person filming can be heard shrieking with laughter. The dog could be seen flailing around in the air before hitting the water. The video then shows the dog swimming towards the shore, although it is not clear if it managed top reach the beach.


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    nicky brooks 2 years ago

    Beggars belief this happened and the person watching it filmed it AND THEN BOASTED ABOUT IT TO THE WORLD BY PUTTING IT ON THE INTERNET…………. I do hope this evil monster is traced and sent to prison, or thrown off the same cliff

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    Christine Boulton 2 years ago

    According to BBC Ceefax the poor dog is OK & in the care of the RSPCA. I hope this is true and I hope the people involved in this, ALL of them, get what they deserve. I don’t think it will be too long before the nasty individual in the photograph is identified.

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    Nicolapicola 2 years ago

    Yes, I read that dog has been checked over and is ok though not who is now looking after it.

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    patlucky 2 years ago

    Thank god the dog is ok.
    Hope they find the dog a good home.
    I cant say more as it is not repeatable.

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