Filly stolen from home in Wythenshawe

A dog owner from Wythenshawe is desperately appealing for help to find his stolen Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross.

David Briggs said his beloved Filly, who he has owned for 11 years, disappeared from his flat on Blackcarr Road on Friday (January 24). The 29-year-old said Filly is his ‘world’ and he feels ‘lost without her’.

Recalling the moment she went missing, he said: “I went to work, and (when I left) she was perfectly fine.”I took her into her bed and gave her a handful of treats. She was her happy and normal self.”

David said he normally returns home to find Filly waiting at the top of the stairs. But when he came home from work at around 3.30pm on Friday, she’d gone. “My heart sank. I searched everywhere”, he said.

There was no sign anyone had broken in. David said he locked the door. He never opens the window as he lives with reptiles who could escape. He said he contacted police, who told him the thief probably had a key.

The door had been locked after the intruder left. David said no one has access to the flat, which is a council property. He contacted the council he said, but they knew nothing about it. He has since had the locks changed, but says it is a ‘bit late now’.

Now David is desperate to find her. He shared missing posters on Facebook, visited local vets and dogs homes to no avail.

The machine operator said: “I met Filly the day she was born. “She’s amazing, she’s the best dog ever. She’s my everything, she’s my baby. “She’s the most loving little sweetheart ever.

“She’s literally my best friend and my whole world, she kept me sane when my nan passed away she’s helped me through so much over the years. I’m lost without her.”

Filly is described as having a long tail, dark patches around her eyes, ears and nose and a greying muzzle.

Anyone who has information about her whereabouts is asked to contact David on 07783653285. GMP has been contacted for comment.

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