Family adopt Arnie, ‘Britain’s biggest pup”

A family has adopted ‘Britain’s biggest puppy’ – a Great Dane that is over 6ft and weighs 43kg (95lbs). And he’s still growing. Five-month-old Arnie the dog was the biggest pup the team at Dogs Trust in Glasgow has ever cared for. He was put into care and now a family have fallen in love and decided to adopt him even though he towers over all of them when he stands at over 6ft on his hind legs. Julie and Colin Reid and their son Josh from Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire have adopted him. Julie said: ‘I received a call from someone at Dogs Trust saying Arnie had come in and that he was a Great Dane.

‘We didn’t have a specific breed in mind when looking for a pet but Arnie is the perfect companion. ‘When we went in to have a look at him it was just love at first sight. ‘He is gentle, loving and so playful; he will definitely fit in at home, we are just relieved we have a big enough home to accommodate our new baby hippo. ‘He’s just a big lovable rogue.

ulie and her family – who were unfazed by Arnie’s size – have four other dogs, including a Dogue de Bordeaux, two Chinese crested dogs and a French Bulldog. She said: ‘We’ve always fostered and have had Dogue de Bordeaux which are medium to large dogs. ‘It’s so funny taking them for a walk because they’re so different in size. ‘Arnie’s just a puppy but is so big already, I’ve no idea what he’s going to be like when he grows up.’

Dogs Trust said Arnie was handed in to them by a family who cited a change in personal circumstances. His vet records showed the first time he was weighed at eight weeks he was 10kg (22lbs). A dog’s height is calculated, according to the Dogs Trust, from the tips of his back claws, to the tip of their nose, when they are at full extension with his head up. Arnie, who according to Dogs Trust is big for his age and could potentially double in size as he gets older to 90kg (198lbs), eats a kilo-and-a-half of raw meat every single day, along with fish, eggs and vegetables. Luckily his new owners have an acre of land for him to exercise and burn off his food


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