Facebook post about ‘suspicious’ man with caged dogs goes viral

Thank you everyone who emailed DogLost with this report on FB…We look into every email sent to us…It some times takes a while to get to the bottom  of what most times are FB rumours…Thanks to our team…headed by CJ and our connections with police officers…We can report this is yet another one…We can only report when spoken to the relevent people.

From CJ…

‘After some research we can confirm that the person who bought these dogs is in fact a small private rescuer that for the past 10 years has worked along side travellers taking from them any unwanted dogs.
Bought from them with funds raised they are taken to vets and scanned – microchips they have had have been verified and history confirmed that they have been held by the same people for many years often since a puppy.
In the 10 years they have not yet discovered a stolen dog. All dogs once vet checked and ownership details confirmed are then re homed.
Now because of the media details going viral the trust between the rescuer and travellers has now been broken and possibly this work will now cease
The 3 dogs in the van going viral all had microchips. The brown cocker is not a stolen dog – neither are the other 2 in the van- police are totally aware of this as all has been reported to them by this rescuer.

I shall be putting out this message to stop people wasting time looking for these dogs as all are safe ready to be re homed

The van if not with correct tax or insurance is a police matter.


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