Extreme dog walker reveals how he can work with up to 26 pets at one time

Walking your dog is not always easy – they pull and aren’t always obedient – so imagine walking 26 at once. This man has walked over 50,000 and earns thousands of pounds every week doing it. He has released fetching photos of his pack of posing pooches. The dogs all belong to Tim Pink’s school ‘Saratoga Dog Walkers’, a small business offering pack walks to community dogs in Saratoga Springs, just a few hours north of New York.

Tim, 33, – who started his business in 2011 after realising that if somebody was going to be paid for walking his dog, it might as well be him – explained how he was able to get all his dogs to pose for the staggering photos, regardless of their species or temperament. ‘It all starts with our relationships with the dogs – trust, respect, and love,’ he said.

‘Then we have to effectively communicate what we want with calm, confident, clear, consistent communication.’ The 33-year-old entrepreneur typically walks about 40 dogs a day, around 200 dogs a week, and has walked over 50,000 dogs since starting his business eight years ago. He typically walks his dogs in a pack of 15 but he has managed as many as 26 dogs at once. He charges $25 for each dog walking session but with discounts for households with more than one dog or dogs enjoying multiple sessions. Regardless, Tim will still earn over £2,000 every week. The line ups aren’t just an adorable crowd pleaser though, they also serve a crucial purpose in the program, as Tim explained.

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