Ex-burglar explains truth behind signs thieves leave at your home

Luke reveals what he knows about plastic ties and symbols thieves use to target you.

People across the country have reported an increase in strange signs being left outside their homes – including plastic ties on lampposts, gates, bins and fences – with fears they are being targeted by burglary gangs.

Many fear the plastic ties are symbols left behind to alert thieves to where dogs can be stolen – while chalk marks are said to give vital information about the home to thieves.

The National Police Chiefs Council has warned that the demand for puppies has increased in lockdown – along with the price – soaring from £500 to more than £2,000.

Detective Superintendent Neil Austin spoke to Sky News amid reports pedigree dogs are being targeted, and then used for intensive breeding for puppies to sell.

Reports of dog thefts in the UK rose 250% in 2020, according to CountryLiving.

But other forces, including Devon and Cornwall, have said the stories are just an urban myth – and have urged householders not to be concerned.

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