Escaped to the country for filming

Sorry for late blog updates as was out filming with Field sports TV.

Was lovely to get out of HQ and see our beautiful countryside…Special thanks to Aaron the  camera man from field sports TV…Pleasure to work with you! Look forward to seeing you next week at the national game fair at Ragley hall!

Aaron also heroically carried 2 cameras and tripods out so I was being filmed from 2 angles at once…rather than  doing interview to one camera then having to move the camera to another position and re do the interview…( think he had been warned I was blonde and would not remember what I had said previously!)

We still had to retake a few scenes …as being a popular dog walking area the dogs were curious! ( and you know me! a dog comes up with a waggy tail to say hello…how can you ignore them?) Luckily they found the tree ( just out of shot) a better place to leave their scent than his 2 tripods! Also not helped  by  a steam roller turning up to flatten gravel half way through  several scenes/takes?…Whats the actual word?

Then when he had got the footage he wanted he then needed me to speak to dog owners….being lunch time they had all gone! we waited around for 20 minutes and a few cars arrived with dogs…what characters! Some serious editing needing there!

Thank you Alison for taking the phones and running DogLost!

My thoughts are with Wayne May and Snuggles owner who are still filming with Country File!






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