Edinburgh dog walkers warned of dangerous blue-green algae in Pentland Hills

Officials at the Pentland Hills Regional park have warned of the potential for harmful blue-green algae blooms in reservoirs.

On their Facebook page, the park warned that blue-green algae blooms can produce toxins that are harmful to both dogs and humans.

In humans it can cause a rash after skin contact or illness if swallowed and in dogs it can be fatal.

It has been warned that dog owners should be cautious, visually check water before entering or letting their pet enter and keep their dog out of affected waters as the park do not monitor regularly for blue-green algae blooms

The bloom can appear as a blue-green scum on the surface of the water, sometimes resembling ‘pea soup’.

Blue-green algae is naturally occurring and some -but not all – species release dangerous toxins into the water. There’s no way of telling which algae is toxic just by looking at it, some types are safe while others are only toxic at certain times of year when they’re blooming.

Walkers should exercise caution if you suspect a bloom is present.

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