Eating dogs to be made illegal in Britain under groundbreaking Brexit bill as Tories table changes

REBEL Tory MPs are to enforce a groundbreaking ban on eating dogs in Britain after ministers refused.

Fifteen Tory backbenchers have tabled changes to the upcoming Brexit Agriculture Bill to enact the new law.

The ban on consuming dog meat would also extend to cats, and follows the US Congress making the sick practice illegal two months ago.

The action, being repeated by a series of other Western states, is intended to send a powerful moral message to Far East countries where it is popular.

The bid is lead by Tory MP and ex-Bread actor Giles Watling and has the backing of two former ministers, Sir Robert Syms and Tracey Crouch, former London mayor candidate Zac Goldsmith as well some opposition MPs.

It could also be formally supported by Labour too – ensuring its victory.

Shadow Environment Secretary Sue Hayman held meetings with campaign groups last week and signalled her strong interest.
Clacton MP Mr Watling told The Sun: “It is simply not right to eat companion animals.

“There are also some incredibly cruel practices related to the eating of dogs around the world, such as the belief that the animals taste better if they die when stressed.


“We want to lead by example alongside countries like the United States, Germany and Austria who have already implemented bans – not lag behind them, and I hope the Government will listen.”

Mr Watling’s new amendment would “prohibit the human consumption, transport and possession of dog and cat meat”, and would be punishable by up to six months in prison.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has angered dog lovers by refusing to join the international bandwagon, claiming the UK’s laws already make eating dogs very difficult.

But it is currently not illegal for dog owners to slaughter and eat their own animals.

An estimated 30million dogs a year are slaughtered to be eaten, across China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Most are stolen off the street, with their meat considered a delicacy and a health tonic.

As The Sun revealed in August, The World Dog Alliance launched a campaign in the UKfor a full ban on any activity relating to the eating of dogs.

Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan has also spoken out to back a total ban, dubbing it a “disgusting habit”.

A ban is also backed by the Kennel Club.

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