Eating dog isn’t banned in the UK but there’s a campaign to make it illegal

Theresa May has been urged to ban the eating of dog meat in Britain. While the sick practice isn’t exactly a common sight on our shores, eating dog meat isn’t actually illegal. However, slaughtering dogs and selling their meat is blocked under the law.

Despite the rarity of the practice, the Government has been urged to take action by the World Dog Alliance (WDA), which is launching a campaign. Kike Yuen of the WDA told The Sun: ‘In the US, people who eat dog meat are mainly immigrants from Asia. With three million immigrants from East Asia in the UK, we cannot deny this situation exists here too.

‘We believe legislation against dog meat in UK would provide us with strength to continue our work in Asia, as the UK could influence other countries to stop dog meat consumption. ‘Most of them usually refused to do so with the excuse that there is no such law in Western countries.’ In response, Downing Street has promised that the Government will ‘look closely’ at new US legislation introducing a total ban on the import, trade and consumption of dog meat.

Theresa May’s official spokesman told a Westminster media briefing: ‘The commercial trade in dog meat in the UK is illegal, but we will look closely at the decision taken in the US. ‘Britain is a nation of animal lovers and we continue to have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world. We wish to maintain that.’

The campaign has already attracted support from some British politicians. Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan has said that a total ban on dog meat would be ‘absolutely right’. And SNP MP Dr Lisa Cameron told BBC Newsbeat she would back new laws, adding: ‘I don’t imagine that there will be any party in parliament which would stand against that.’


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