Drogo in the Daily mail.

The Grrreat Escape: Runaway pet dog Drogo defies all efforts to catch him… including a sirloin steak, sardine-baited cages and a ‘honey trap’ bitch in heat as he remains on the loose seven months later

  • German Shepherd cross Drogo fled while on a walk with his owner in September
  • He has been multiple times in the area since but has evaded efforts to catch him
  • His owners have tried to tempt him back with sirloin steak and a bitch in heat 
  • When their new dog ran off at the start of a walk, the Campbell family hoped catching him would be a quick and easy enough task.

    Seven months on, the hunt for their runaway pet has become a quest of epic proportions involving everything from remote wildlife cameras to traps baited with sardines and old T-shirts.

    The Campbells rehomed the German shepherd cross – calling him Drogo after a character in TV’s Game of Thrones – from a rescue centre in Bosnia last year after seeing an advertisement online.

  • The year-old dog went to live with them on the Isle of Arran, but escaped from their car in September.

    Since then, they have gone to ever more elaborate lengths to get him home. After basic searching and calling failed, they tried to lure with him treats such as sirloin steak and butcher’s sausages.

    They also tried enticing him with scent from a bitch in heat and even with unwashed clothes worn by his favourite member of staff from the rescue centre.

    The Campbells then adopted Drogo’s sister from Bosnia, to see if a family bond would bring him home.

    Meanwhile, Drogo has roamed the island, living wild, even through the harsh Scottish winter.

  • Although he has evaded capture, the Campbells know he is alive and well. As well as sightings from across Arran he has been seen on a network of wildlife cameras installed by the family.

    Yesterday they pledged to keep trying to find their missing pet.

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