Don’t lose hope! Crumpet was reunited after a whopping 10 years!

Pictured above is the reunion of Crumpet, with her delighted owner, Sarah.

On 6th October 2010, Crumpet disappeared from the garden of her family home in Buckland Newton, Dorset – it was presumed she had been stolen. The whole family, particularly Sarah’s daughters, Tallulah and Elektra, were left devastated by Crumpet’s disappearance and offered a £300 reward for her safe return. The Dorset Echo published an article at the time of her disappearance, which can be viewed here.

Around five years later, Sarah received a phone call from the microchip company who asked if she would like to keep Crumpet listed on their database as there had been no update for a considerable period of time; Sarah of course said yes, she wanted her to stay.

Ten years later, on Friday 4th June 2021, a stray terrier was found roaming around Poole Quay and was taken by a concerned member of the public to a local veterinary practice. The practice scanned her microchip and thankfully, all of the contact details were still up-to-date, so Sarah received the call she had long been waiting for. The call to say, it was Crumpet and she could go and collect her much older, but still very sweet-natured little girl.

It is thought that Crumpet has not received any veterinary treatment for her ear infections, knowing that if taken to a vet, her microchip would have been read and the stolen marker would appear. Sadly, this has resulted in Crumpet becoming deaf, she has also had puppies at some point in the past, however, she is otherwise in good health.

Crumpet’s owner, Sarah Covell, is very happy about the publicity and would like to emphasise the importance of keeping your pet’s microchip up to date.

If you wish to double-check your pet’s microchip details, please get in touch with the microchip company. You can look up your pet’s microchip number,
and establish which database they are registered with on

On behalf of everyone at DogLost Dorset, we wish Crumpet and her family all the best in the future and hope they can make up for the lost time, with lots of loving memories.

Crumpet’s DogLost listing can be viewed here.

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