Dogs Trust Shoreham looking for foster carers for big dogs

Coronavirus could leave 40,000 dogs without a home – and larger dogs are most at risk

The warning comes from the Dogs Trust and Dogs Trust Shoreham is now appealing to animal lovers to provide foster homes for larger breeds.

The charity said 40,000 more dogs could be at risk of abandonment in the fallout from the coronavirus crisis because many people are struggling financially.

Despite being overwhelmed with foster care applications during lockdown, the rehoming centre in Brighton Road is struggling to get people to take bigger dogs.

So it has launched an appeal for foster carers who have space for a bigger companion.

Trina Lewis Ford, the home from home co-ordinator at Dogs Trust Shoreham, said: “Over recent months we have been so grateful for the support of our amazing foster carers and for all the support we have had from the dog-loving public to take in a dog during lockdown.

“However we now need foster carers who would feel confident in taking on a larger breed with more complex training needs.”

The charity has warned that the economic effects of Covid-19 may force even more people to give up their pets.

Adel Burnett, rehoming centre manager, said: “The sad reality is that in times of financial hardship many people struggle to cope with looking after their pets and the number of abandoned dogs go up.

“We want to break the cycle of stories we see reported on repeat – tales of neglect, of healthy dogs needlessly put to sleep, of heartbroken owners facing impossible decisions to give up their dog.

“We are doing everything we can to minimise the impact of this crisis on dog welfare, but we know the worst is yet to come.”

The charity has outlined its criteria for the ideal foster carer for bigger dogs.

Ms Ford said: “The ideal candidate would live 30 to 40 minutes’ drive from the centre, have a secure garden and no other pets or children living in the home.

“If this sounds like you and you would be happy to drive your foster dog to the centre for regular meets or vet checks, we would love to hear from you.”

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