Dogs tied up outside shops.

Thank you to co-ordinators Karen and Sarah for producing this warning poster. Please share and feel free to print off and display in your area.


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    Jan - Majorjet NW 3 years ago



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    Sandra Watt (Jenkins) 3 years ago

    Thanks to Karen and Sarah for this poster. We have been needing this for a long time. I certainly will be printing out and putting up in my local area to warn people of the dangers of leaving their dogs tied up outside shops. Too many going missing now. There was a lack of awareness of people who don’t use social media.

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    nicky brooks 3 years ago

    i find when i talk to dog owners who are tying up their dogs, or untying their dogs warning of the dangers i feel they think i am mad! they all think it wouldnt happen here, or there, and/or it wouldnt happen to them…………….. i dont give up though. when i can work out how to print off the poster i will keep one in my handbag at all times – and just hand it over

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 3 years ago

      Thanks Nicky!

      Have sent you some more Doglost cards so should be with you shortly….do give them out as the new cards will be through soon…you will love them!…and will send you some flyers and posters when they come through.

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    Sue Smith 3 years ago

    I’ve done that before, watched lone dogs tied up outside shops, until the owners come back. Why do people take them with them when they go shopping? In my case it’s been mostly female owners. Think next time I will ask if they’d leave their handbag tied up outside the shop!

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 3 years ago

      So have I…I get met at best with…no one would want to steal him/her….him/her would not go with anyone….Whats it to do with you?

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    Helen Burton 3 years ago

    Older people ,without the link to F/B , and all the other new technology, tweeting etc, do not realise how dangerous it is now for their dogs to be tied up while they shop etc. Before you all starting slating me as happened before on f/ b, this is a fact, and iam definitely NOT promoting dogs being tied anywhere. The younger peeps know about the current situation regarding this,older folk probably don’t as years ago it was common practice, as this was part of peoples daily routines to do their shopping and take their dog with them, there was nothing ‘ crazy’ about this as we did not have this problem in those days . I know times change but when you are ‘ of an age ‘ , I’m sure you will understand what I am trying to say .

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    Helen Burton 3 years ago

    PS The posters are a great idea to make more people aware , as face to face , can seem very confrontational to some people. Let’s just hope the oldies are wearing their specs, otherwise they may not be able to read them!!

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    nicky brooks 3 years ago

    tried to print off the poster alone, but cant so if u could post me just 1 i will get lots of copies made. i will not get in conversation with old/young male/female dog owner who has tied the dog up – will just hand them poster. brilliant idea – thank you

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    Liz Threadgill 3 years ago

    Thanks for the excellent poster. I often wait with dogs tied up outside shops and then politely explain the danger to the owners when they emerge. I’ve tried to share this poster on my public Facebook page on my tablet but what actually comes up is the post rather than specifically the poster. Please can you advise me how I can share the poster itself? Thank you. 🙂

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