Dogs of Christmas past 2015.

Ask the owner of any missing dog the time of year that they dread most and they’ll say Christmas. That stocking full of presents that won’t get opened or that empty food dish that won’t be filled.

So DogLost is pleased to bring some Christmas cheer with more than 150 dogs reunited in the week leading up to Christmas.

Here are just a few of our favourite heart-warming stories.

Firstly there was Bonnie the Akita cross puppy who was snatched from her garden in West Yorkshire wearing her Christmas reindeer jumper. She was spotted being sold on Facebook two weeks later by the owner’s sharp-eyed father.

Then there was Alfie the young Afghan who had just moved to Blackpool and escaped not Home for Xmasknowing the area. Seen around town, the owner and helpers searched a caravan site and an adjacent compound for the shy but friendly dog. Alfie was finally tackled by a member of the public the following day and returned home.

And on the subject of runners, a racing greyhound called Sizzling Girl escaped from the Sheffield Owlerton stadium still wearing her racing jacket. Spotted in the woods near the stadium Gina – her pet name – managed to evade capture for a whole week despite the search parties and traps.

Meanwhile in leafy Surrey, Maximus the Cocker Spaniel puppy was snatched in a break-in. Leaving the other working dogs behind, the Police believed he was stolen to order. The car involved was later pursued by the police and when it crashed little Maximus had already been moved on. The following day the puppy was handed in to a local kennels and reunited with its very happy owner.

Little Reggie the Chihuahua was found 200 miles away from his north London home some four months after he went missing. Convinced that he was stolen, owners Lucy and Gerry were elated to get a call from Merseyside Dogs Home where Reggie had been handed in and scanned.

Another Chihuahua called Charlie was reunited with our Halo scanner after being missing for more than five months from Washington, Tyne and Wear. Quite out of the blue our admin team received a call that Charlie had been scanned at a vets. What a wonderful Christmas present for the owners !

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