Dogs helping out on bring your dog to work day

They’ve always been man’s best friend, but lockdown has seen our pampered pooches become office colleagues too.

Yesterday was bring your dog to work day and so, in honour of this, we asked readers to share their photos of dogs “helping out” while working from home.

We were looking for best-behaved office dog, lockdown hero – going the extra mile for you at home or cheering up the neighbours, best lookalike to pet parent or celebrity, best child handler or some new categories of your own.

Nicky Mason said his border collies are true working dogs and all four have been lending a paw at WCF Carlisle, as the company has continued trading through lockdown.

Their photos show Jack doing DIY, Hana sorting out the admin, Ben handling the forklift and Lucy pushing a trolley.

Elsewhere, Fred is getting to grips with the computer as an apprentice for Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors – who said he is doing a pawsome job.

Kujo has been nominated by owner Megan Stevenson for the ‘most likely to make the most noise’ category and that’s quite something, as he goes to Pets At Home for his work experience.

Ainsley Marie-Wood said her dog Jewel had been out checking that they were doing a good job of sanding the main bar at The Grey Goat.

And Lily went the extra mile for owner Ann Broad when she was taken ill.

Ann said: “My little Lily went the extra mile when I was struck down with Covid 19; she never left my side for the three weeks I was poorly. I love her to bits.”

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