Dognappers ran off in fear after picking out dog that taught them a lesson

A pair of ‘dognappers’ ran away in fright after a botched attempt to steal a Belgian Malinois – a breed often used by police and the military.

Two men approached five-stone Nellie, and her owner Toby Currier, in Portsmouth last Wednesday. Toby, 19, said one of the men made a fuss of the dog and the other asked questions about her, before making a sudden grab for her lead.

That did not go down well with Nellie, who her owner says is normally ‘gentle’ but bared her teeth at the hapless pair before being restrained. Toby said: ‘Nellie started barking at them and then lunged at the men. She almost grabbed one of them as they had clearly startled her.

‘They got a real fright when they saw how strong she was and ran off down a side road.

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