DogLost’s Wilma featured in todays Sun Newspaper.

‘Amazon driver’ steals 11-month-old puppy Wilma as he delivers dog food…

A DOG lover has told how his miniature schnauzer was stolen by a driver delivering Amazon parcels.

Richard Guttfield, 51, realised 11-month-old Wilma was missing moments after the independent agency driver left dog food he had ordered online.

After five days frantically searching, Amazon checked the GPS log of the van. It is believed it showed that before the next delivery the driver had gone home — and that Wilma was found there.

Richard, who owned a printing business, claimed Amazon took him seriously only after he and his sister emailed founder Jeff Bezos.

he dad of one said: “I just want people to know this can happen.

“Our homes are all exposed to these drivers and the vast majority of them are great. But low lives will take advantage. It’s just a miracle I got Wilma back.”

Richard was playing snooker with a pal in his converted barn when the delivery man walked down the drive of his £1.5million house in Marsworth, Buckinghamshire.

He said: “After he left I realised Wilma was missing while our other puppy Fred was still there. I called Amazon in case the driver had accidentally let her out or seen her.”

he family wish to thank plus Murphy Army, Mike Stark and all the villagers who helped look for Wilma.

An Amazon spokesman said: “This is inexcusable. The individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages for the independent delivery service provider.”

The pups can cost £1,200 each. Richard made an internet appeal and put up posters. Villagers and his sister Lin helped scour the area.

Richard said of his numerous phone calls to Amazon: “I had no real suspicions, so I explained it was not a witch hunt. I said I just wanted to know if the driver could help us narrow down the search.”

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In owners words…

“Wilma is safe and home. I cant believe it and feel the luckiest man alive today. I want to say the very biggest thank you to all the most wonderful people who have gone out of their way to help her get home, so many people who have devoted hours and hours for nothing more than to see her safe THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! She is traumatised after being taken from our home but we had her checked at the vets and she is fine. Despite there being some incredibly nasty people out there this has really brought home to me how most people are just amazing and will do anything to help and to see animals reunited.”
Thank you again… Richard, Emily and Fred & WILMA!!!!


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