DogLost Zoom call with the Prime Minister

DogLost HQ was amazed to receive an email last week from the Prime Minister’s office requesting a Zoom call following on from the Points of Light award. This happened on Wednesday alas I could not work out how to use the camera! (typical me!)

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Welsh Secretary, Simon Hart were outraged to hear what was happening to our dogs and requested information to be sent to them directly so they could act on it.

Unbeknown to myself at the time, was that whilst I was on a Zoom call with Boris Johnson, Debbie Mathews and Dr. Dan Allen were also on a Zoom call with Iain Duncan Smith! Mr Smith said he would be contacting the Prime Minister directly.

Debbie and Dr Allen have also spoken with Secretary of State, Priti Patel to move forward with Pet Theft Reform.

Debbie has already submitted a great deal of clear and concise information to all of the above politicians about our work as Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance and what we have done over the years, whereby we have presented 3 petitions and made numerous trips to Parliament to campaign for tougher sentences for dog thieves.

A good week for dog owners nationwide!


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