DogLost stats.

December 27th to January 2nd 2018.

188 reunited dogs.

274 new members.

27,047 missing dog alerts sent to helpers.

2,315 Comments left on missing dogs by helpers.


  1. Avatar
    Salli 3 years ago

    I have sent several emails to DogLost about formal volunteer registration and to receive alerts but not had any acknowledgements or responses. I have checked spam folder.

  2. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Sorry Salli its been very busy…I see you have been registered with us for over 2 years and do receive alerts…well at least the box has been ticked…if you are not receiving please let us know …and hopefully someone will be in touch with you shortly as forwarded your emails to a local volunteer…thanks for your offer to help.

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