DogLost Licks Award – Lynne da Costa

On behalf of our founder, Jayne, I am delighted to award Lynne da Costa, of Remedies Rescue, with a DogLost Licks Award.

Following a raid on a traveller site, a Cocker Spaniel was seized by Met Police and later handed over to Remedies Rescue. Upon receiving the Cocker, Lynne trawled through over 500 listings on our website in search of a match.

After considerable time was spent searching on, Lynne matched the dog, which was in her care, to Brock, a Cocker Spaniel who was stolen 2 years ago. Thankfully, Brock had a distinctive feature which allowed Lynne to make the match.

A massive thank you to Lynne for all her work in helping get Brock home!

Brock is now safe and well at home, with his owners, where he belongs.

Lynne’s Rescues:


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