Doglost helper runs the Half marathon for DogLost South east.

On Sunday 19th May, Georgia ran the Hackney Half Marathon in the fantastic time of 1 hour 57 minutes!!!
“About 4 months ago my sweet puppy Snoopy got spooked in the park and ran away. He was missing for 2 nights and 3 days but with the help of the amazing DogLost Snoopy made his way home safe and happy!

DogLost could not have done more for us and now it’s our turn to help them” said Georgia

We really appreciate this – Thank you so much
Brilliant Photos; including the famous Snoopy (and Mum and Dad of cours
“Georgia would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who came to support her at the Hackney Half Marathon today and a huge thank you again for the very  generous donations.
Georgia ran it in 1 hour 57 minutes. 😁
There is still time to donate if you wish by following the link below.

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