DogLost dogs featured in todays daily Mail

Cases of what is known as ‘dognapping’ are on the rise, with recent figures from lost and found organisation DogLost showing that thefts surged by 170 per cent in the UK last year. 

The figures have been climbing for a while, but last year the booming market for ‘pandemic puppies’ — in a nation looking for companionship during lockdown — led to a surge in opportunistic theft, as well as more sophisticated gang-related crime — with dognapping gangs removing microchips, raiding kennels and robbing breeders.

What’s more, amid rising reports of assaults on dog owners, the cases appear to be ‘getting more aggressive in nature’, according to DogLost’s Justine Quirk.

‘We don’t want to scare people, but there is an element of “nowhere is safe” for your dogs on their own — not even in your own back garden,’ she says.

‘These stories are ever-more widespread — and behind every one lies heartbreak.’

Sadly, no one knows that better than Mike Jasper and his family.

Ted came into Mike’s life four years ago after his family decided a dog would be a good antidote to the anxiety and depression he’d been battling.

It worked, says HR manager Lucinda: ‘It was amazing to see the change Ted had on my dad. He just fell in love with him.’

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