DogLost Bucks at their dog show today

Just been sent some photos from local co-ordinator karen to share with you….


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    Janet 3 years ago

    Lovely photos thanks for sharing with us Karen looks like it all went well?

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    Karen Harding 3 years ago

    Thank you! We had a fabulous day – lots more owners know about us now too . . .

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    Karen Harding 3 years ago

    Thank you to Christine Cullen, Nicola Cullen, Barbara White and Amanda Hopson – what a hardworking, lovely group of DogLost Volunteers 😊

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    nickyb 3 years ago

    fabulous display – thankyou jayne and all at doglost for this amazing husband volunteered christmas morning to poster nearby when i saw dog lost from car at m6 services nearby – hours later man found dog rang wife told him she had seen doglost poster owner phoned and reunited within hours……………. i spread the word giving everyone i see with dog a leaflet and every card/bill/letter i write gets a flyer too (but beware i ended up adopting a found dog on doglost when owners didnt want her back after missing 3 weeks)

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    Karen Harding 3 years ago

    Ah NickyB, your comments make it all worthwhile, thank you! Lucky dog that you adopted x

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    Janet 3 years ago

    Karen such excellent advice given

    Ah NickyB I too adopted a dog that had escaped her new owners and was on the run for 4 weeks we love her so very much (her owners did not want her back either) Their loss our gain

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    Stephen 3 years ago

    love the height chart idea! 🙂

    Well done guys!

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