DogLost at Wigan pets at home 14th June.

The stand at Wigan Pets at home went well yesterday.

Was Great to meet with co-ordinators and helpers.

Jan Lancashire North West co-ordinator and myself turned up unannounced to supportĀ  Wigan/Leigh co-ordinator C.Mathers and Doglost helpers marlene,sue,wendy and stolen Lolas owner Jenny.

The Manager was pleased with the positive reaction from his customers and has invited us back to the store when ever we want….Well done all! and thank you to the local paper for turning up to cover the event.

I took the opportunity to take my 3 recently adopted dogs with me…Nick,Bailey and Bella…here is their tale…

Mum woke us up really early in the morning and fitted us with our collar and tags then we went on a bus for the first time and then 2 trains. It was a long journey but worth it as when we arrived at pets at home the kind lady had a bowl full of treats for us…and then Bailey spotted some chocolate biscuits…so when no one was looking we jumped in…

Then Nick spotted the toys…we had great fun…

But mum would not let us get a ball unless it was a rugby ball….here is her trying to tempt us out with a rugby ball…it did not work!

Our ears pricked up as we heard some very funny noises and went to investigate…What on earth were these strange creatures? We were more frightened of them than they were of us …but mum coaxed us to have a closer look.

Then when it seemed things could not get better we met with these two huge dogs…but luckily they were very friendly…They were telling us how much they miss their Chihuahua friend Lola who was stolen recently and had come along to spread the words to the other dogs to get her home.

Mum adopted us from English hound and they have so many more dogs waiting for good homes! ( soon to be on the Doglost shop)

Then Mum managed to persuade Christine to have her photo taken as all the others were camera shy!


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