DogLost announcement.

The following statement we can now make as we have spoken to both police forces over the past few days, i.e Staffordshire and West Mercia, who have granted Doglost permission to state the following. 
Contrary to beliefs we have been working with both police forces. Under police instruction we were cautioned not to divulge any information to any parties concerned, regardless of status, a data protection format was agreed between ourselves and the police forces
We fully understand that some people found this distressing. It can clearly be seen that we were acting on police instructions  by not making public who bought these dogs and we can also confirm that we were correct in not doing this to any persons. Data protection does apply and we are correct in stating this, confirmed by the relevant police forces in question.

We were instructed by the police at all times, and as the police stated, they and they only will contact aggrieved parties to discuss an ongoing police matter.

Staffordshire police and West Mercia police are in collaboration over this case and  they have eliminated all three dogs on the back of the truck as being  stolen- including the Cocker Spaniel ( that some thought could be hot chocolate) ). This also relates to the other dogs photographed at the time.

Staffordshire police have also confirmed, and its been reiterated by West Mercia police that no parties can divulge or share information regarding the accused.( IE the person who bought these dogs)

Current ongoing police investigations no longer relate to the stolen or purchased dog / dogs.

Staffordshire police references are now available to concerned parties only. including reference numbers from West Mercia police.

These are either CAD / CRN or call log details.

They are also aware other crimes have been committed due to the imprudent social media responses, and  we have been advised by Staffordshire police  that DogLost could  press charges if we so wish for harrassment and  sue for Libel.


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