Dog theft: Organised crime driving ‘epidemic’ of dog snatching

Demand for dogs skyrocketed in lockdown and has risen again in the run-up to Christmas. Prices have soared as a result.

Organised crime is exploiting the situation by smuggling puppies from abroad and stealing dogs in the UK.

Dog thefts are now believed to be at an unprecedented high, with puppies stolen for immediate sale and adults taken for forced breeding on puppy farms.

An organised crime expert tells the BBC how it works, and why this is the “perfect crime”.

If you have any information about the incidents featured in this film, you can report it online or by calling 101 and quote reference number 40/49974/20 for Melissa and Tig’s story – or 41/67201/20 for Trigger and Katy’s.

Produced by Almudena Garcia-Parrado and Blanca Munoz – Filmed and edited by Jemma Cox – Graphics: Gerard Groves – Commissioning Editor: Nisha Lilia Diu

DogLost has been given authorisation, by the BBC, to publish this report on our blog. You can view the original reporthere.

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