Dog starts fire in Essex by turning on the microwave.

A dog started a house fire when it managed to turn the microwave on, a fire service said.

The husky-type animal, which was left on its own in the house in Stanford-le-Hope, turned on the appliance, which was on a worktop in the kitchen.

A packet of bread rolls, which had been placed inside, began to burn and caused a small fire, Essex Fire Service said.

The owner, who was not at home at the time, was alerted to the fire by an app on their mobile phone.

The fire service said the owner’s device allowed them to view live feeds from a camera that was set up in their house on Kingsman Road.

Geoff Wheal, watch manager at Corringham Fire Station, called it a “very strange incident” and said firefighters found the kitchen filled with smoke, but they made sure the flames did not spread to the rest of the house.

“It demonstrates that microwaves shouldn’t be used to store food when they aren’t in use,” he said.

“Always keep your microwave clean and free of clutter or food and any packaging.

“Animals or children can turn them on more easily than you might think – so please don’t run the risk.”

The dog was not hurt, the service added.

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