Dog so stressed by fireworks her ‘eyes popped’ and she went blind

A dog owner has revealed her dog went blind after her eyes ‘popped’ during a fireworks display. Margaret Adams, 85, said Suzy the Labrador cross experiences extreme distress when fireworks season begin every year. The grandmother explained how one Guy Fawkes night turned tragic as Suzy started ‘climbing the walls’ and ‘hiding in dark corners’. She told ‘We were just sitting and watching television when somebody started letting off fireworks. ‘She always gets very stressed when they start and she tried to climb the walls and go into a dark corner. ‘I didn’t notice anything until the next day when her eyes looked different. ‘So I took her to the vet and she had actually popped a lens in her eye. ‘They had to remove the lens from her eye and she now has glaucoma in both of her eyes. She can’t see a thing.


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