Dog scratched door to pieces when owner left him alone for three hours

A dog scratched a door to pieces when his owner left him alone for three hours. Tara Jameson returned home from a friend’s wedding rehearsal to discover that her dog Bobbie had chewed his way through the front door of her mum’s Teesside, Newcastle, home. Before and after pictures show the £1,500 worth of damage caused by the four-year-old cockapoo.

The 29-year-old even left Bobbie a bed and a box full of toys to play with that he never touched.

Tara said: ‘He has scratched his nails against the door so much they had gone into a point and he was soaking wet with sweat. I felt so sorry for him.’ The postal worker said the ‘jealous’ dog went through a ‘destructive phase’ after her mum’s dog died but was shocked by the level of destruction. Tara said Bobbie missed their other dog so much she even took him to a dog therapist. She said: ‘Bobbie went through a phase where he became quite destructive when he was left and I even got a dog therapist to try and help. ‘I moved in with my mum and a few days before we sadly lost our old dog. He loved her so much and really missed her.

‘It caused him to have separation anxiety and so I would go back to the house every couple of hours to check on him. ‘But this was the worst he had ever done and it wasn’t even my own house. ‘At first I was shocked and angry but he was just so upset about being on his own I could understand why he had done it.’ Before the incident, Bobbie had only chewed small objects such as socks and shoes. Tara added: ‘He is not so bad now and only causes damage on the odd occasion. ‘But he can get quite jealous and when me and my boyfriend head of the house he howls a lot. ‘At the start of the night he will be asleep at the end of the bed but by the morning he is on my pillow.’


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