Dog reunited with owners exactly one year after going missing

Unbelievable emotions were witnessed today after a missing dog was reunited with her owners exactly one year after going missing.

Milly the Border Collie vanished on May 18, 2018 much to the despair of her owner Lauren Gardner.

Heartbroken Lauren sent out multiple social media appeals trying to track down her four-legged friend and even offered a £1000 reward but had no success.

However, incredibly after 12 months apart, Milly’s owners managed to discover her by chance today in Haslingden (May 18).

Lauren Gardner, from Oswaldtwistle, said: “She went missing a year ago today. With no sightings what so ever.

“We even offered a £1000 reward for her return and still nothing. Months went on and we heard nothing and basically give up hope.

“Today my partner went up to a local farm to borrow something and seen her there but didn’t think anything of it.

“He went to stroke her and the farmer said be careful with that one she bites we found her tied up at a gate six months ago – all she did was lick him and jump at him no growl in sight.

“He rang me I sent him all pictures we had to check her markings to make sure and realised is was her!

“The farmer said tell me one thing about the dog to make sure it’s ours and my partner said ‘she chases her own shadow and reflection’.


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