Dog Photographer of the Year competition

We’re sure all your Instagram snaps of dogs you see on public transport are lovely, but they’re not a patch on these particular photos. The winners have been revealed from the Dog Photographer of the Year competition, organised by the Kennel Club. Each year the Kennel Club receives thousands of entries from all around the world, carefully selecting he best dog photographs in ten categories: portrait, man’s best friend, dogs at play, dogs at work, puppy, oldies, young pup photographer (for entrants under 11), I love dogs because (for entrants between the ages of 12 and 17), assistance dogs, and rescue dogs. The overall winner of this year’s contest was a snap of rescue dog Merlin in a field of flowers, by owner Denise Czichocki. Denise, from Switzerland, said: ‘I am really proud and overwhelmed, I still can’t believe it! There are so many good photographers out there and I won this title, it is absolutely amazing. ‘I have always loved to take pictures of everything, and my passion for dog photography started when I had my own, I wanted to create lovely memories of all of them. Over the years I have developed my photography to become more emotional.’

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