Dog missing for a year discovered with “large tumour” having been “used for breeding and tossed aside

HEARTBREAKING images show how a dog missing for over a year was discovered with a large “tumour” having been “used for breeding and tossed aside”.

Sprocker Tara disappeared from her home in Barnsley, West Yorkshire eleven months ago and was recently discovered at a nature reserve 20 miles away.

Her family’s delight at being reunited soon turned to horror however, when they saw the seven-year-old pooch had a huge mass on her stomach.

Vets believe Tara was taken and used for breeding, before the “tumour” caused her captors to “toss her aside” at a nearby nature reserve.

The images show the stricken pooch in owner Susan Hardwick’s arms with a large swelling on her stomach.

A closer image shows how the suspected tumour has covered the breasts of the dog completely.

Other images show how the dog’s skin is dry and flaking with her fur falling out.

Susan’s daughter Carla Hardwick, 35, shared the upsetting images on Facebook offering a £1000 reward for any information.

She said: “After 11 months of Tara being missing she has been handed in at Abbey Vets at Morley.

“The poor dog looks as if she has been used for a litter then cast aside as she must have developed a tumour.

“She is underweight, dehydrated her hair is falling out and all her skin is dry and full of scabs, the tumour is that big it has been scraping on the floor so is now an open wound and she will have to be operated on.

“I will give anyone a £1000 reward if they can supply me with proof of who has had this dog and let her get in this state.

“Thank God she is now back home where she can be operated on and hopefully saved.”

Sprocker Tara - Viral News UK
Sprocker Tara disappeared from her home in Barnsley, West Yorkshire eleven months ago

The upsetting images have caused outrage online.

Jojo Rawlinson wrote under the post: “I am so sorry for whoever has done this to your poor dog, thank heavens you have her back now. I hope you manage to get her sorted and well again.

Jan Nye added: “There are some sick evil scumbags in this world too many need shooting.”

And Helen Brettle said: “The trouble is with the money grabbing people who sell the puppies for large amounts. Hope she will get better soon at least she’s with her loving owners.”

Sprocker tara with owner - Viral News UK
Tara and Susan are now happily re-united

Speaking today, Susan, 59, said: “I remember losing her. I was traumatised that I lost her. That dog has been with me since she was three months old.

“We were in tears when we saw her. We were disgusted how she looked and how she was treated.

“As soon as she saw me she jumped on me. I am just lucky to have her back.”

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