Dog has tongue so long it trails on the floor when he goes for a walk

Rescue dog Bud has a tongue so long it trails on the floor when he’s out on walkies – but he won’t let it trip him up. The bull terrier-cross lives with Jill Castellano, 26, and her boyfriend Andrew Blinkinsop, 30, so fell in love with the dog’s ridiculous face the moment they saw him on a local animal shelter’s social media. They went to visit the shelter, in San Diego, California, the day after spotting the photos, and knew right away Bud was the dog for them. That’s despite staff warning the couple they’d need to make accommodations for the sheer size of Bud’s tongue.

Bud went on to have three surgeries since being adopted, but the 18-month-old pup still has a hefty tongue, with which he loves to lick people’s faces. . Sometimes treats might fall out of his mouth but he still manages to eat regular wet food and loves nothing more than running around the dog park with his friends – though is often left with a dirty tongue as it trails on the floor.

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