Dog found seriously injured after being ‘thrown out of a moving car

A dog that was discovered with a broken leg and cuts to his paws may have been thrown out of a moving car. The lurcher, named Gordon by rescuers, was found seriously injured near Loch Lomond Luxury Cottages in Oakwoods, Stirling, on April 4. Scottish SPCA is trying to track down Gordon’s owner, after being alerted by officers from Police Scotland.

Inspector Kerry Friel said: ‘We were notified by Police Scotland of a dog who had potentially been thrown from a moving vehicle in the Loch Lomond area. ‘It is possible that this was an accident, he could have jumped or fallen from the car. ‘We are keen to speak to the owner as soon as possible or anyone who can tell us more about what happened to the lurcher, who we have named Gordon.

He has a broken leg and has cuts on his feet. ‘Despite his injuries, Gordon is a friendly boy.’ Anyone who recognises Gordon can contact the Scottish SPCA’s confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.


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