Dog dies and another missing after getting lost in snow

A “devastated” dog owner is on the search for her missing pet, who ran off over the weekend. 

On Saturday, January 23, at around 5pm, Kate Campbell took her dogs, Gizmo and Ruby, out for a walk at Brookville, near Methwold. 

Ms Campbell said the pair ran into a nearby forest and quickly out of her sight. 

As it grew darker and heavy snow started to fall, Ms Campbell tried searching for her two Scandinavian hounds. 

But despite her efforts she could not find them. 

When she returned home at around 6pm the police were at her door with Ruby, but Gizmo was nowhere to be seen. 

Only half an hour later, Ruby unexpectedly died at home and Ms Campbell, who lives in Methwold, said they suspected she had been hit by a car.

There has still been no sighting of Gizmo and the 34-year-old said she was growing more concerned. 

She said: “It was a pretty rough night. I was so happy see Ruby and get her back. But once I knew she was dying I knew had to let her go, there was no chance I was getting her to a vet on time. 

“The only comforting part was that she managed to get in the warm with me when she died, rather than being at the side of the road.

“I’m feeling pretty devastated, she was a lovely dog full of life and crazy.” 

Ms Campbell is hoping someone can come forward with information about Gizmo’s whereabouts. 

Gizmo is a black sled dog from Germany. She was last seen wearing a green collar and an orange harness. 

Ms Campbell added: “We haven’t had any confirmed sightings of Gizmo.

“Please keep an eye out but I wouldn’t try to catch her, she is just going to run off. Wait and see if she follows you but unless she is desperate, she isn’t the sort of dog that will walk up to you. 

“Don’t chase her or shout at her. Please contact me straight away on 07553 863917. 

“She looks like a German short-haired pointer cross. She is mostly black on her chest and front legs she has grey specks. 

“She is also microchipped.” 

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